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Surface Studio Tipped Ahead of Microsoft Event

Surface Studio Tipped Ahead of Microsoft Event

Microsoft will hold its long-awaited Windows 10 event on Wednesday. But some recent trademark applications may have ruined one surprise: That Surface all-in-one PC is almost certainly called Surface Studio.

That name first came to light a month ago, courtesy of Mary Jo Foley, who wrote that “Cardinal”—the code name for the Surface AIO—would “be positioned as a product that can turn your desk into ‘a studio’.” But now it’s been confirmed.

The Trademark Ninja reported today that a Microsoft shell company in Slovenian recently trademarked Surface Laptop and Paint 3D. And the software giant, he says, is also behind trademarks for three new terms: Surface Studio, Surface Dial, and Dial. (Someone alert the soap company.)

Surface Studio is of course the Surface AIO, Cardinal.

Surface Dial—and plain ol’ Dial—are a bit more mysterious. Some believe this to be Surface phone—get it, dial a phone—while others think it is tied to the radial software menu that used to grace OneNote for Windows, and could be a new form of interface on the Surface Studio related to creative/3D functions.

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