A concussion-sensing mouthguard could help avoid head injuries

Concussions are becoming an increasingly large area of concern for professional athletes in a number of sporting disciplines. It’s one of the reasons that Prevent Biometrics is putting its Head Impact Monitor System on sale. HIMS is a smart mouthguard that offers empirical evidence if a player has received a head injury. Rather than using a series ofobservational tests, which can prove ineffective, the system operates in real time. That way, as soon as a collision is detected, players can be hooked for medical treatment.

The company has been testing its system for a while, and was previously available to selected teams across 2017. Now that beta testing has finished, selected schools and youth associations will be able to buy the hardware in the near future. The hope is to have the hardware ready in anticipation of the 2018 football season, with each mouthguard costing $199, and the storage case an additional $39.

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